Finding the Centre

When you tell people you do yoga, a general response often features adjectives such as calm, centred and grounded, and an assumption that you embody those aspects and exude them at all times. Firstly, it is challenging to feel grounded when so many aspects of the world around us seem to be in constant state […]

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Yogaing from home

My first experience of a yoga self practice was a ten minute sequence I copied from a pocket yoga book which I did in a very small, cramped space at the foot of my bed, on some kind of camping mat I found in the corner of the room and which had clearly been a […]

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India – the yogi pilgrimage. As a yoga teacher it seemed only right that I should travel to India, to go where those before me had gone before and to experience the practice in the place in which many people believe to be the home of yoga. I had read so many books written by […]

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Yoga on the Rocks

  When I first started doing yoga, it was in a beautiful room in an old Georgian building in Liverpool, and as far as I believe, one of the only places to take a yoga class near to the city centre. There was a small group of teachers, most of whom are still teaching now, […]

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The Power of Yoga

Yoga draws people in for many reasons – maybe we know why, maybe we don’t. At the beginning, for at least a year I attended several weekly classes with my teacher and I didn’t know why I was there. I didn’t always feel prepared, or strong enough or as though I had enough energy, but […]

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