What is this?

Without purpose and intention, what do we have? This is not about making shapes to show the outside world what you can do with your body. This is about your inner experience and how everything you do on the outside reverberates within. Or perhaps the other way around.  Breathe, and move. Breathe and move so […]

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Movement Meditation

As we become quieter, more still, we begin to go deeper. The awareness of the senses is most likely present, yet one-pointed focus is cultivated. Asana helps us to know. When we become familiar with our movements, what comes first and next, the journey inward commences. We notice when breath becomes quick and heavy and […]

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Social Distancing

For a practice that teaches us to develop awareness, that slowly guides us to loosen the hold our senses have over us, I sometimes wonder how the social media world of yoga, often so overbearing and consuming a medium, is able to harmonise with the quietness and equanimity that can be developed through our movement […]

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Self Practice for the Soul

“By not talking so much, we automatically create more silent spaces in between things. By not doing so much, we create natural pauses to reflect. By not spreading ourselves thin doing things that aren’t that important, we open up time for the things that are.” ~ Donna Farhi Begin by choosing a space. This does […]

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Ashtanga, for me, feels like I am home. I love the flow, each movement synchronized with every breath, and how these two profound human elements become intertwined from the very first Surya Namaskara. Standing at the top of my mat, I savour the feeling of my toes spreading across the mat and my hands joined […]

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Meet You In The Middle

When I am moving from my centre, I feel freedom, my movements are soft and steady and there is ease. Nothing feels like a strain or as though I am forcing myself to go in a direction I am not yet ready to travel, nor pushing myself into spaces that are not ready to expand. […]

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Autumn Daze

As the nights become darker and the weather begins to cool, our practice has to take on a new energy. In Yoga, we are working with resistance and as we move into Autumn, the change in season can seem like a valuable time to observe this. If we can notice the places where our energy […]

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Coming Together

Where do we go from here? If, as beautifully articulated by Donna Farhi, the purpose of the practice is to “bring together rather than pull apart”, then how do we ensure that our yoga spaces augment a community, encourage support for one another, and foster relationships with others and ourselves which are meaningful and nurturing […]

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Woman in Me

Yoga as an outward display has always been problematic to me. When I first began to practice yoga, although I didn’t necessarily realise it at the time, it was often a way to escape  from the negative perceptions I felt about myself and my body and a tool in order to break free for just […]

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Being Now

We long for the profound experiences; the ones where there is silence, stillness, a feeling of smallness within a universe so vast yet at the same time with so much which is connected. The day when we sat on an empty beach and watched the waves, when we watched the sun set and the sky […]

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