About Me


I was not sure why but even after my very first yoga class something kept bringing me back to the mat. I was not always sure what I was supposed to be doing, my arm strength let me down a lot in chaturangas and sometimes I fell asleep in savasana. But I liked it. I enjoyed the feeling of being undisturbed, both within myself and in the room during each class. I felt energised and more relaxed after I left and very slowly I began to see changes in my strength, flexibility and the way I viewed myself.
After a while I began practicing Ashtanga with a wonderful teacher in Liverpool. Her guidance taught me, and still very much does, a lot about myself and allowed me to develop my personal practice at my own pace. I was never the most agile or flexible person and I was always focusing on an end goal rather than being in the moment. Yoga has taught me that I can be strong and I can be still in more ways than the obvious.
I have so far completed 500 hours TTC with Yoga Alliance including 200 hours in Hatha and Hot Yoga and 300 hours in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Myofascial Release which I achieved in South India. However, my experience of yoga is ongoing and as well as this I continue to attend workshops and retreats so that I can build upon my knowledge in order to share the practice of yoga as fully, as informativly and as safely as I can.
I truly believe that yoga is a transformative approach to health and healing no matter the shape of your body or the shape of your life. The benefits are numerous, outside and within, and I hope to bring awareness to that in my classes. Yoga is not resigned to making shapes with your body, yoga is a journey and a commitment you make to yourself.