About Me

Version 2

I did not know why but even after my very first yoga class something kept prompting me to return to the mat. I was not always sure what I was supposed to be doing, my arm strength let me down a lot and sometimes I fell asleep at the end. But it changed me. I enjoyed the feeling of being undisturbed, both within myself and in the room during each class. I felt energised yet calm after I left and very slowly I began to see changes in my strength, flexibility and the way I viewed myself and the world around me.

After a while I began practicing Ashtanga with a wonderful teacher in Liverpool and continued to explore other forms of yoga and ways of moving and breathing. These class taught me, and still very much do, a lot about myself and also allowed me to develop a personal practice at my own pace. I was never the most agile or flexible person and I was always focusing on an end goal rather than being in the moment. Through Yoga I now know that I can be strong and I can be still in so many more ways than the obvious.

My experience in yoga is ongoing. I have learnt the most from my own dedicated self-practice and from the teachers I have studied and practiced with for many years. I continue to attend workshops and retreats and devote time to self study so that I can build upon my knowledge in order to share the practice of yoga as fully, informatively and as safely as I can. I have also completed over 500 hours of teacher training  which includes the study of Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Myofascial Release Techniques and Yin yoga.

I truly believe that yoga is a transformative practice which can bring us closer to our experiences and each other . The benefits are numerous, outside and within, and I hope to share this in my classes. Yoga is not resigned to making shapes with your body, yoga is a journey and a commitment you make to yourself.