What is this?

Without purpose and intention, what do we have? This is not about making shapes to show the outside world what you can do with your body. This is about your inner experience and how everything you do on the outside reverberates within. Or perhaps the other way around. 

Breathe, and move. Breathe and move so much that you begin to realise and honour every way that your body supports, nurtures and heals you. So that you know that you are enough and that you don’t need their creams, or serums or diets. 

Practice. Practice with discipline and be open to what presents each and every time. Find the strength you didn’t know you had and balance it with ease and softness so that you no longer need their no pain, no gain mentality or their work until you burn-out game. 

Feel into your centre and watch as a space opens up before you react. 

Meditate. Mediate every day on your heart. Learn to live and love from your heart so much that you have compassion for yourself that extends to compassion for every other being on the planet who also has a heart. So much that you no longer need their lies about who is better than who, who deserves more, who sets the rules, has status, power or legacy. 

Notice. Notice everything that surfaces as you transition from one movement to another and observe how your emotions and thoughts, the ones you are open to as well as the ones you keep hidden, come and go in waves and spirals. Know that you do not have to identify with this, their labels, their products and the boxes they will try to fit you into. 

Start each day with gratitude and an openness to what will be. Enjoy the ride. 

© Hannah Laura Lee

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