Movement Meditation


As we become quieter, more still, we begin to go deeper. The awareness of the senses is most likely present, yet one-pointed focus is cultivated. Asana helps us to know. When we become familiar with our movements, what comes first and next, the journey inward commences. We notice when breath becomes quick and heavy and we learn how to slow it down. We begin to feel it not only in the places we expect, but as a subtle sensation that facilitates travel from one posture to another, maintains steadiness during balance and brings lightness to our step. We now notice the spaces between the animated thoughts and wonder where we have been when savasana arrives. Movement becomes meditation. 

Time becomes a word in a sea of sentences without endings. We change without realising, both energetically and in form. What once felt like the appropriate response to a stimulating and demanding world begins to feel empty. Yet equally, the seemingly smallest moments become the ones that inspire us the most. 

Everything around us remains the same, only now we see there is another way. A choice in how to perceive, how to react, how to respond. An intuitive sense to become quieter grows stronger and from here, true transformation is possible. 

It is not easy to arrive here. We often feel ourselves drifting in and out like the tides in the sea. Above all, this is a practice in commitment and perseverance. It requires us to let go of striving for proficiency and attainment, yet at the same time harvest constant effort, even when we feel it the least. An acknowledgement of all the good and all the bad without judgement or analysis. 

Once we have had that moment, the rare and fleeting times when everything around us synchronises in the most beautiful and unexpected, yet astoundingly obvious way, this moment changes everything. 

© Hannah Laura Lee

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