Social Distancing

For a practice that teaches us to develop awareness, that slowly guides us to loosen the hold our senses have over us, I sometimes wonder how the social media world of yoga, often so overbearing and consuming a medium, is able to harmonise with the quietness and equanimity that can be developed through our movement and meditation. 

Many times this is a space that does not allow for boredom, nor for the creativity that so often arises from having very little to do. A stream of words and pictures that constantly ask us to judge one another, to compare ourselves to others, to alter our viewpoint in line with popular culture and one which leads us to feel that there is always something we need. 

Yet, this online world can also teach us, help us to see, bring us closer and remind us that our practice is sacred. 

We must be wise. If we consume social media without awareness, it will only encourage a practice and a life for a person who does not exist. We must know that our history and genetics play a significant role in determining the movements that we can and will ever be able to make. That there are times in our lives when exertion is necessary and other times when rest is essential to the health and balance of our bodies. That actually, a yoga practice is one of interoception, proprioception and involution and no amount of money spent on achieving the appropriate look will aid in our process. Through our yoga, we come to acknowledge a profound connection permeating the whole of life, and so separating us into physical ability, clothing choice and geographical location is not wholesome nor brings us closer. 

We are lacking nothing. We can enjoy buying and wearing, but it will not make us stronger, more attractive or more adept. Only the beauty which is underneath and within us can lead to transformation. We must care for and nourish our bodies but they are not for sale, not a competition and not a prize after pushing ourselves beyond our capabilities and starving ourselves of love and sustenance. 

Look for integrity, for the desire to bring about community, and for real, honest human experience. Choose wisely. Follow carefully.

© Hannah Laura Lee

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