Self Practice for the Soul


“By not talking so much, we automatically create more silent spaces in between things. By not doing so much, we create natural pauses to reflect. By not spreading ourselves thin doing things that aren’t that important, we open up time for the things that are.” ~ Donna Farhi

Begin by choosing a space. This does not have to be a big space, but it is your space. Keep it clean and tidy and perhaps choose some items to put there that make it feel special to you. 

Find a time that works for you. Personally, I like the morning before the day has begun or the evening, putting the rest of the day behind me, but this is different for everyone so make it work for you. Having a dedicated time will help you to build your practice into your routine. 

Start small. Even the shortest amount of time is more beneficial than no time. You may even find that you roll your mat out, sit on it, and then put it away again, but you made the time. So whatever you do each day, do it without judgement or pressure. 

Know that your body changes all the time. If you are tired, menstruating, overwhelmed, then adapt your practice to what you truly need. An advanced yoga practice is not about pushing yourself to your limits but about knowing your body better and responding to your needs and intuition. 

Begin your day in stillness. This is not easy, but a yoga practice is also about cultivating self awareness and this will help in feeling centred throughout the day. Try to spend a few minutes each morning, before you read, or talk or look at your phone, to be still and quiet. After some time, you can begin to focus on your breath here too. 

Move your body. Asana practice can have a profound impact on our nervous system which can influence the way we sleep, how we digest food, how we approach situations and our communication with others. Even if it is not on your mat, try to stretch, twist and balance every day.

Enjoy the journey 🙂

If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them. I am happy to teach live online classes too so if this is something you feel you could benefit from then let me know.

Namaste – I honour what is in me that is also in you.

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