Meet You In The Middle

When I am moving from my centre, I feel freedom, my movements are soft and steady and there is ease. Nothing feels like a strain or as though I am forcing myself to go in a direction I am not yet ready to travel, nor pushing myself into spaces that are not ready to expand. I am able to listen, to feel, to intuit what it is that I need right now, how it is that I really want to move and whether I crave restoration or vigor. I am practising to practise, to be here and to be aware of every little, subtle sensation whether cathartic, transformative, mundane or unpleasant. I am not striving, I have nowhere to go and I will meet myself wherever I am, which may be a completely contrasting place from the day before. If I stumble upon a hurdle, a blockage, however it feels, I will know that this is a fluctuation, a temporary state, part of my being and that perhaps, this lull will follow me around all day or all week. I will allow it space, sit with and observe without judgement and over time, with perseverance, I will come to know myself better. 

I move from the centre. My centre. My navel centre, Manipura. The place where we were all once connected to another, where emotions lie, where deep, intrinsic muscles attach and the movement around which profoundly affects so many other facets of our being. My heart centre, Anahata. The place we are so familiar with as representing love, love which is the seat of everything, that which we all feel. My hands, my feet, all connect with an energetic trail bringing everything within us together at this place and when I close my eyes, when I stop the noise, cease the drama and step away from the game, I am fully present and aware of my centre. I begin to move, so slowly, so gently and then I can feel. Even in stillness, there is movement. Everything I need to know is right here, I just have to listen. 

“Moving our bodies is synonymous with caring for our spirit.” ~ Julie Piatt

The centre carries weight, encompasses so much more. It is not separate, it is not just meaningless words and nor is it a place you must find. It is already there, it has always been there. You are already there. Here. 

© Hannah Laura Lee

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