In my previous post, I shared my interpretation of the first of the Yamas; Ahimsa, meaning disengagement with violence and harm. Here are my thoughts on the second Yama…
2. Sayta – Truthfulness
In Yogic Philosophy, our true nature, before we were influenced and encouraged by images and words and the smell of melted chocolate, is termed Purusha. That representing pure consciousness, the place which we are aiming to find our way back to as we diminish the ego and shed our layers of experiences which have built up and caused us suffering over time. That seems like a long journey though, and one that is probably out of reach for most of us. So Satya needs to have a place in real terms in order for it to be meaningful, perhaps a way in which we can practice being true to ourselves.
Most of the time we know deep down, how we really, truly feel about something. We know when something seems wrong, when our actions misalign with the message our head or our gut is trying to send and we also know when we should try to speak our own truth. When we know we can achieve something or make changes to our life that will take us in a completely new, but positive direction, we can say yes. It may be worrying and nerve-wracking at first but being true to who we are allows us to feel like ourselves rather than a version that we are expected to be. Yoga is uncomfortable and difficult at times, when we are challenging our strength or feeling tired. I am not sure I have ever met anyone who really likes boat pose, but through the challenges we learn to be honest with ourselves, and as “they” say, sometimes the hardest postures are the ones our body needs the most.
Yoga promotes being free from judgement, from violence, from destructive and negative energies and this is a virtuous way to live, however if we see something happening that is threatening the peaceful nature of our being and of our world then we should be truthful then too. The yoga world is not exempt from this either and has it’s own fair share of damaging actions. Let’s speak out. Yoga is also concerned with balance and finding harmony within the body and so for me this means striving for equality too.

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